Thursday, 29 August 2013

Spring, Spring, SPRING!

Spring 2013


Weeee spring is here (give and take a few days...) I'm sure this is the case for everyone, but I can't help but get excited when the seasons change simply because of the change in clothes, shoes and accessories that I can start wearing...slightly crazy, yes.
I am officially over my cozy Zara jacket and bobble hat, and ready for pastels, cami's, light baggy jumpers and cute sandals, not to mention the statement eye-wear!

What are some of your favorite spring/summer trends? :)

Lu x

Boudoir Dreamin'

I was just having a play around on Polyvore and now I am slightly obsessed with this situation...I think it's to die!
Shabby-chic with quirky animal accents? YES PLEASE!!!
Think I have found my up-coming summer project, hey thanks Polyvore!

Lu x

(*runs off to max out her credit card on new decor and furniture*)

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Winter Getaway

Well, it certainly took a while to scroll all the way down here, eh? If anyone has, WELL DONE PET!

Not going to lie this little 'holiday' was about a month ago now and has been sitting in my posts cue, all I can put it down to is a bit of 'blogging block' and life.

Me and my compadre Steph decided to take a little skiing (actually snowboarding, but skiing sounds better...?) mini-break to hit the slopes and have a wee mooch around Queenstown, in particular Peter Alexander, and it was a win!
We stayed at a really nice resort just outside the center of town with amazing views, bit of a treat. After Saturday on the slopes (how amaze is the snow+bright blue sky?!) we went to Ice Bar which was a hoot, although a bit chilly. Sunday we mooched around town, it was really nice weather, and left a good portion of my bank account in Peter Alexander (note: Penguin mittens - I could die). 
All in all a tre tre nice mini-break, I definetly feel the need for another one...everyone should go on regular mini-breaks, it's only fair.

Lu x

Was anyone else obsessed with Pez when they were little? Found them at one of the candy shops and may or may not have bought enough to last me a year...