Thursday, 27 June 2013

Come On Over to Blog Lovin'

So Google Reader (this is what displays the blogs you follow on Blogger) is going bye-bye forever in the next few days. Now, when I first heard about this I thought, Oh god what am I going to do, how is this all going to work just when I've got my blog on and got into it, etc. etc. But no fear it is actually not that bad...slight drama queen.

I have added a 'Follow this blog with Blog Lovin" button to my blog, so all you have to do is give it a click and we can continue to be connected in this big wide blog world!
If you don't have a Blog Lovin account, it literally takes a couple minutes to create an one (you don't have to have a blog to do this), and all the blogs you follow with Blog Lovin' will appear there where you can easily sort them into categories etc. at your own pleasure and enjoyment; oh-ah.

All the technical bits sorted, I would really love for you girls that do follow me to come on over and continue to do so, as I am pretty shocked I have managed to entice 10 of you in such a short amount of time to actually read some of my posts or even just look at them (I always thought I would be writing and taking pictures for an audience of one, and by that I mean me...haah).

ANYWAY! Hope to see you over on Blog Lovin', my ramble is over, thank goodness.

Hope you are all having a FAB day :)

Lu x

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Part Time Punk

Leather Jacket: ASOS // Top: Topshop // Boyfriend Jeans: ASOS (G-Star) // Shoes: Shopbop (Messeca Monroe Cut Out Booties) // Socks: Topshop // Belt: eBay // Necklace: Lovisa // Watch: Michael Kors

I do apologize about the uneven widths, I know it annoys me like mad...still working on it! Haha bear with! I will get there.

Would love to hear feedback from anyone on how to make these better, especially getting everything even (because I am a fussy freak like that), would be greatly appreciated :)

Lu x

Friday, 21 June 2013

Chanel Wannabe

Jacket/Cardigan: New Look // Top: Valley Girl // Skirt: Topshop // Shoes: Topshop // Watch: Michael Kors // Earrings: ASOS // Ring: Matina Amanita

First proper try at a fashion post, and oh how strange it was just me in my bedroom posing awkwardly...bear with, I'm sure it can only get better from here!
I had been looking for a 'Chanel'esque' jacket/cardigan and finally found one quite close on the New Look website, and in the sale (Hi-5). It's the perfect length for this skirt, as I've found it does not look the best with longer cardigans and jumpers because of the thick material and the large amount of it, so it's cropped all the way with this one, and means I can now get more wear out of this beaut of a skirt- yay! And of course Katz just make an outfit that lil bit better ;)

Guuurls, anyone have any tips on getting photo widths the same? I haven't really had problems with till now. I really wanted both of these to be the same width (same as the top photo), but for the life of me can't figure it out. I made them the same width in Photoshop but still no joy even after over an hour of fiddling. Any tips would be greatly appreciated :)

Lu x

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

In Love With The City

More than a decade after they started and years after it ended, I am obsessed with these four women. Me and my mum watched the entire series, and movies, in the last few months, and now that it's over I have to admit I am borderline heartbroken. That's right, I feel single again.

I really think that this is one of the best, if not THE best, series ever. The story lines are so good; funny, sad and everything in between, has the perfect New York city setting, and the fashion- *sigh*. I think that one of the main reasons that it's so good is that even over a decade after it began, all the story lines and things the series deals with are so relevant. Not once while I was watching did I feel as though it was dated, or totally irrelevant to women today, I don't know how they did it, but they did!
A lot of the shots around the city reminded me of Gossip Girl, and I almost feel like that could be this generations Sex and the City, but I still think that it isn't quite as good...and I like Gossip Girl A LOT.

Six seasons and two movies later, my nights are a little lonely without Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and the one and only Samantha. They may have been twice my age but I felt really inspired by their fashion risks and personal styles (I now want a tutu midi-skirt), and their zest for life with or without a man. Now I want my own group of NYC girlfriends to go to Chanel, Prada and Tiffany's with, and of course all those trendy clubs and openings in my Louboutin's.

What the series gave to me- I now need to go to New York, a new more inspired outlook on life (oh how cliched) and an obsession with pretty shoes. (Few days ago I ordered myself a pair of pointed toe stiletto pumps with red bottoms...will probs wear them around the house- thanks Carrie)

My Favorite Dress of the Series:
Oh Oscar, It makes me want to die.

I am now on a mission to buy the box set of the series so me and my mum can relive it all. Over and over again...
Lady chums, you really need to watch this at least once, I guarantee you won't be disappointed, well only when it ends.

Any one else totally obsessed with S&TC?

Lu x

Monday, 17 June 2013

Liebster Liebster Liebster

Exciting times- I have been nominated for the Liebster Award by two ladies, Naomi from 'Flightless Bird' and also Em from 'Flowers and Freckless' . Thank you muchly for nominating me, wasn't really expecting anyone to be reading any of my posts just yet as I've only recently started, so YAY :)

I'm going to answer both sets of questions, and my nominees will be at the bottom of this post along with my 11 questions- so let the fun times begin!

Questions from Naomi:
1. Liquid or gel eyeliner?
2. Dresses or playsuits?
Dresses, but I'm starting to explore playsuits- what an exciting life I lead oh-ah
3. Uggs or Converse?
4. Favorite perfume?
YSL Parisienne
5. Your No.1 go to everyday beauty product?
Maybelline The Falsies Black Drama Mascara, because the eyes are the windows to the soul...haha
6. Brushes or no brushes?
Defs brushes- Real Techniques, thank goodness for Samantha Chapman!
7. Bottle fake tan or on store fake tan?
No fake tan, just au natural tan in summer :)
8. If you could have any hair colour other than your current one, what would it be?
Baby pink or lavender, but if I was to be boring probably blonde, just to see what I would look like with a full head of golden locks.
9. Lip gloss or lipstick?
Lipstick- pink
10. Summer or winter?
Winter, oohhh sooo cosy!
11. Favorite blog post to read? (eg: haul, review, etc.)
Beauty reviews- so handy! and Fashion posts

Questions from Em:
 1. Dolly shoes or trainers (converse or vans, etc.)?
Trainers- currently living up in my Nike Blazers
2. Favorite perfume?
YSL Parisienne
3. Bold lip or neutral?
Neutral- but pink :)
4. Full coverage or light?
Full, gurl need to the coverage!
5. High end or drugstore?
Honestly can't choose, it really is half and half with me
6. Oversized or fitted?
7. 'Go-to' makeup product?
Maybelline The Falsies Black Drama Mascara
8. Summer or winter?
9. Something you can't live without?
Light- I'm petrified of the dark, always have been. I would die without it.
10. Favorite Starbucks drink?
White Chocolate Mocha
11. What inspires you?
Audrey Hepburn- such a beaut, random people I see when out and about, and of course Bloggers :)

My Nominees:

My Questions:
1. Favorite blog?
2. Topshop or ASOS?
3. Dramatic lips or eyes?
4. MAC or Maybelline?
5. Favorite nail polish?
6. Online or in-store shopping?
7. Gossip Girl or Pretty Little Liars?
8. Collared shirt or t-shirt?
9. AA Disco pants or jeans?
10. Place you want to travel to/visit?
11. One thing you want to achieve by the end of the year?

And there it is, the Liebster done and dusted!
Thanks again to Naomi and Em for nominating me, and good luck to everyone else who was nominated :)

Lu x


Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Oh Goodness...

Lashes of London: Bellz Lace Shift Dress

Now, I know it's all a bit cray-cray to be posting again within minutes...BUT I have just fallen for this dress and couldn't help but share (so shot me). Just casually browsing Lashes of London due to a wave of boredom and this total beauty popped up and literally my eyes widened, it was an "OMG I have to have that" moment laddies! This is one of the cutest, yet stylish dresses I've seen in a while. I'm obsessed with Gossip Girl and this reminded me so much of Blair Waldorf, and I love-love-love her style, classic but still fun and a bit quirky. The details on this dress are so nice, with the beaded, pearly peter pan collar and the lace frill to sinch in the waist (cute AND flattering, oh-la-la). I can just see this with my Katz and some Marc Jacobs earrings from my previous post and M.A.C Snob on the lips...Clearly I have a problem, I just can't help envisioning this beaut in my life.

I hope other people have moments like this! Haha :)

Lu x

Wishlist: Marc Jacobs

1. Logo Disc Stud Earrings / 2. Classic Q Slim Zip Wallet / 3. Daisy Stud Earrings / 4. Huggie Hoops / 5. Skinny Logo Bangle
(All Marc by Marc Jacobs from

I was having a cheeky wee browse on Shopbop today and found myself getting totally immersed in the Marc Jacobs jewellery collection, and some accessories. I'm really into quite simple, dainty and fine jewellery at the moment and I think these pieces are so cute and wearable. They are not over designed or too 'blingy' or tacky, they are just right. Usually, or I guess in the past, I have never been very into gold but after getting my Michael Kors gold watch I began to like it. I really like the gold and cream/white combination of these and think they are so timeless and effortless, and easily styled for both summer or winter. 
The wallet is the odd one out here, but I've been searching for a nice wallet for a while. This one is very similar to a Michael Kors one I fell in love with, it's basically the same but it had rose gold hardware instead of gold like this one. I love it, but I'm just not sure if I'm ready to spend this much on a wallet, just yet...mind you I can talk myself into buying almost anything, but for now I am restraining myself! (fingers crossed) 

Really all I have to say is damn you Marc Jacobs and damn you Shopbop for making all these so available to me, as now I may just have to treat myself to one of these beauts next pay day which means saving my pennies may have to once again be postponed for a bit...

Lu x

Monday, 3 June 2013

Today In The Mail: NARS

Oh hello there you oh-so cult and raved about NARS Sheer Glow Foundation! Personally, I don't think this product even needs a purchase justification. This foundation has hundreds and hundreds of really great reviews, has had for a veerrryyyyy long time, and finally as one of the last few people on earth (maybe a slight exaggeration......) I decided to treat myself to it (snaps for me). I'm interested to see how it all pans out, as my skin is prone to getting oily during the day, however I have read that this is a favourite even among us 'shiny' people. I hope you live up to your 'cultness' my new friend!

More on how this turns out later...

Lu x