Friday, 14 February 2014

Beauty Treats: Dior, MAC and Essie

Dior 3 Couleurs Smoky: 'Smoky Pink 051' // Essie: 'Lilacism' & 'Fiji' // MAC Cremesheen: 'Creme Cup'

Oh, what's this? Have I been treating myself again?... how unusual. I feel a tad fancy writing a post in which a Dior eyeshadow trio is included - not gonna lie. It is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L, look at it! There are two matte shades (light pink and the darker grey) and one super sparkly, glittery shade, the shade that made me splurge in this wee beaut. Honestly, it is one of the most sparkly shadows I have ever seen, but in a very delicate way. It's not like thick, big chunks of glitter, but really fine specks of glittering amazingness (greeat description alert). The most pigmented is the matte grey, apart from that the trio is really soft and super wearable, and super creamy in texture, honestly I die. The Essie polishes were a surprise find as in my area they stopped selling them for a while which I was really sad about as they are my favourite polish brand. So when I spotted them and they were buy one get one half off I was like it's a sign! I was super pleased because I had been wanting 'Fiji' for ages but could never find it and I picked out 'Lilacism' as I had been wanting a nice pastel purple for summer (that there hasn't been much of, boo). They are both super flattering soft colours and I find the staying power of Essie is the best, for me better than O.P.I. . And last but not least the cult MAC Cremesheen in 'Creme Cup' - it just had to be done. I have been slowly collecting MAC lipsticks and although everyone says it, they really are some of the best and it always feels like a little treat to pick one out and then try to resist for a couple weeks and then go and have a 'splurge' on it because if you still want it after those couple weeks you clearly have to have it (anyone else do this? haha) Anyway, for my skin tone it is the perfect pink nude lip - I loves it a lot.

Anyone else bought anything recently that they are totally in love with?

Lu x

Monday, 10 February 2014

The Cutests Slippers You Ever Did See...

I was around town yesterday and happened to stumble across these fluffy wonders in Kmart - it was meant to be. I am a total sucker for anything cute, soft, animal themed and I guess a little garish? Haha I literally could not resist these, and for $10 how could you, a total bargain! I have currently got them on and they are the softest little things EVER, like walking on clouds!

Oh the small pleasures in life, eh? ;)

Lu x

Sunday, 9 February 2014

25 Questions Tag: Get To Know Me...

I recently realized that although I post lots of things I like and have bought, I have not yet really posted anything that is specifically about me, or centered around myself personally, if that kind of makes sense! So I though I would do the 25 Questions Tag and inject a bit of me into my tiny internet space, in addition to all the shopping, beauty and cuteness obsessed usual posts ;)

What is your middle name?:
I don't have one

What was your favourite subject at school?:
Art and English

What is your favourite drink?:
Tea! I love tea, with lots of sugar... my morning just isn't right without it.

What is your favourite food?:
Pasta and little French-style cakes and macarons (oohh how fancy)

What is the last thing you bought?:
A collared shift dress from ASOS, hence the answer to the first question! Haha 

Favourite book of all time?:
Honetsly, I am such a reader that this is probably the hardest question out of all of these, I really liked the Stieg Larsson 'Girl With The Dragon Tattoo' trilogy, but I am generally a sucker for crime fiction (maybe slightly surprising...even morbid? Haha) especially Norwegian and Swedish, but of course translated into English! :D
Favourite colour?:
Light blue

Do you have any pets?:
Yes, personally a cat who I love to death. But as a family we also have another cat and a dog.

Favoutite perfume?:
YSL Parisienne - it's how I imagine Paris would smell like if it were a scent... is that weird? Haha

Favoutite holiday?:
I was really little but when I still lived in Slovakia we used to drive to Croatia and spend a week at the beach in a really cute old town. I was little but still remember that it was freaking beautiful there! (plus there's the photos ;) )

Are you married?:

Have you ever been out of the country, if so how many times?:
Yes, originally I am from Slovakia but now live in New Zealand, so I think around 5ish times if I count from out of both those countries.

Do you speak any other language?:

How many siblings do you have?:
One younger brother.

What is your favourite shop?:
ASOS... does that count? haha otherwise Topshop

Favourite restaurant?:
I don't really have a specific one, but I love Italian restaurants and also sushi restaurants 
(and of course patisseries ;) )
When was the last time you cried?:
Honestly can't remember, but that's a good thing right! 

Favourite blog?:

Favourite movie?:
Breakfast At Tiffanys

Favourite TV show?:
Gossip Girl, Miranda and Absolutely Fabulous - literally can't choose just one out of those.

PC or Mac?:

How tall are you?:
I never seem to know this... but average height? What a terrible person I am to not know my own heigh, shame on me! Haha

Can you cook?:

Hope that has brought a bit more of 'me' to my wee blog. And I am keen to do more of these so if there is anyone at all out there that has a request or an idea for a different post please let me know lovelies!

Lu x


Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Someday: Quote

It's my last year of University (for my BA and two minors, at least) so I am starting to figure out what I want to do next. There is one place I have really wanted to go for the last couple years and I am now starting to really look into all the different options that there are, however I am pretty damn scared, but also super excited. So, when I saw this quote on good'ol tumblr, it all seemed rather fitting.

Anyone else planning for the future adventures? :)

Lu x

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Today in the Mail: ASOS

ASOS Swing Dress in Mono Daisy Print // ASOS: Glamorous Short Sleeve Shift Dress With Contrast Collar

I love me some cheeky ASOS treats, and once again they have not disappointed! I don't know what has got into me in the last few months but I have really been gravitating to dresses A LOT, especially cute wee shift dresses. The flower print one I have had my keen little eye on since before Christmas, so once I spotted it in the sale it was straight into my ASOS cart with it. I have a few other ASOS shift dresses in this style, in different patterns, and find them super flattering and comfortable to wear, and the viscose material is really nice and soft. Naturally two of almost the same thing is never enough for a girl so I treated my self to a third - YAY me! (anyone else do this? I never have in the past... hahah) The collared shift dress was a bit of a spur of the moment treat (I guess I thought better get something 'different' considering the obsession with the other dresses...?) I had seen a few outfit posts from other bloggers in which they were wearing dresses in this 'school girl'/60's style, and I especially liked them when paired with jumpers with the wee collar poking out all cute, and stuffs. I think it's a really nice simple, yet still interesting dress great for both summer and winter. The only thing I will say is that the collar it really thick in material so the edges do stick up a bit awkwardly, BUT I think with a little needle and white thread in each corner should soft that out rather easily. 
Also, sorry about the not very ideal background, I am now kicking myself for painting my wardrobe doors such a bright orange about 5 years ago... now all I want are light pastel walls, first world problems, eh? Haha

YAY for ASOS treats!

Lu x

Sunday, 2 February 2014

MIU MIU Leather Loafers

Miu Miu Leather Loafers:

Oh my I can barely believe that I am actually writing this blog post, someone pinch me! I have been dreaming of these shoes for literally months and I have never been this obsessed with a pair of shoes. Now, being a fellow Sex and the City fan I always knew that one day I would have that Carrie Bradshaw moment and save my pennies and buy my self a pair of fabulous designer shoes, but I always thought it would be when I was 'all grown up' with a 'proper' job - you know what I mean. However, I found that perfect pair of shoes a whole lot sooner than I expected, it was literally that moment when you know you have to have something because your life will significantly improve as a result (some may say materialistic, I say fashion enthusiast...). So I decided that as I was working a lot over the summer holidays and the Christmas period that I would save my pennies and have a rather lavish splurge. The Miu's arrived a couple of weeks ago, and as I was going away for the week literally the day after they came I didn't get a chance to take these photos and write this until now, hence the suede heel inserts and the obvious appearance of them being worn, but holiday or not I was way too excited to wear them so I think this post was always going to come after I gave them a full test run.
So, far they have lived up to all my expectations. They are simple and classic, but still have an edge to them with the super pointy toe and the slight difference in the texture of the leather on the tip compared to the rest of the shoe. I also really love how versatile they are, they transition from jeans and a t-shirt to a dress and leather jacket effortlessly and add that little bit of edge and pop of 'chic' because of their sleek design.
The sizing was my biggest fear when it came to making the long awaited purchase, as I have rather small, narrow and skinny feet, and in the past I have always found that most flats tend to slip off my feet. I ordered a 36.5EUR, as in sneakers and such shoes I tend to wear a 37EUR, but heels and more 'flat style' shoes a 36-36.5EUR fits better as they sit nice and snug on my midget feet. I did end up having to put in the suede heel inserts (not the most attractive but necessary...) just for that extra bit of grip on the heel so that my foot is really secure in them.
These really did live upto all my expectations and more, as they are even more gorgeous in real life than I had expected (which I'm surprised is even possible), and I even think they look a little sexy (naughty...) being so sleek and beautifully shaped. I don't at all regret saving the money I worked hard for in the last few months and splurging it on them, because I really can see the difference between the Miu's and the other shoes I have looked at in stores, they have that little bit more extravagance and attention to detail, even though they are one of the most simple pair of shoes I own. I think that is what makes them, and some other designer shoes, so special, they are not over designed or pretentious, they are just a really lovely simple pair of shoes made with great care and attention, that look freaking beautiful! 
All I can say is they make me want to die...

Lu x