Saturday, 3 May 2014

'Let Them Eat Cake!': My 21st Birthday...

After a wee bit of a blogging break I thought I would share a little (...very picture heavy) post on my 21st birthday which was at the end of April. Apart from feeling a bit old, I had the BEST day. I didn't do anything extravagant, but what I was completely set on was having a cute little vintage afternoon tea with lots of cakes and bubbly. I am obsessed with tea and cakes and macaroons and all things cute, and I'm extremely jealous of the high tea places all over Europe, especially in England so my mum went all out (to the point of banishing me to my room for over an hour) to set it all up and it was the cutest thing EVER! There was a little rabbit cake stand with macaroons on, and a cake stand stacked with all sorts of little cakes, she got all our vintage tea cups out and mismatched plates and saucers, some dainty champagne glasses and we had a ball! To be honest it all made me want to die a little bit because it was AMAZING! I wish every Sunday was spent like this.
I got some very animal themed presents by my favorite jewellery designer Karen Walker, that came in the cutest wee light blue and gold boxes, and my chummy got me a bunny that heats up like a hottie, a scaft and the most delicious candle from Glasshouse, it smells like the inside of a Peter Alexander store... if anyone has been inside one you will know that it smells like heaven.
I spent the entire day eating cake, and sipping on waaaaayy to much bubbly watching Miranda, it was 'what I would call' SUCH FUN... (see what I did there, ever so cunningly ;D ).

I think the only words left to say, although it is a some what controversial quote... they are in my opinion words to live by...

Lu x

p.s. more regular posts to come I pwomise :)