Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Monica Vinader // Fiji Bracelet

Here is my cheeky, CHEEKY splurge from this month, oohh how pretty! For a good couple of weeks I couldn't decide whether to take the plunge and buy this bracelet, but then I decided that if I was still drooling over it after that long it was worth it. There are so many colour variations of the Fiji bracelet on the Monica Vinader website that it did take me a while to choose. I ended up going for the sterling silver as my other 'every day' jewellery is silver, although the rose gold ones look amazing as well. When I first started looking at them I thought I would get the cream cord, but then figured that if I was going to have a naughty splurge then I might as well get something a little bit different and bold - hence the fluoro pink, which is actually the nicest shade! I'm sooooo happy with it, the quality is very good, the silver is really shiny and polished and the pink gives it a little pop of color. Now, could we take a moment and just appreciate the packaging of this wee treat? It is literally the nicest packaged item I've ever received. Layers and layers of MV embossed tissue paper, a gift card, a gift bag, more tissue paper, and the wee magnet lid box - oh the small pleasures in life! All in all I feel pretty damn special wearing this bracelet, the only downside is that now I have visions of lots of these stacked on my wrist, in all different colors...dangerous territory.

Anyone else out there love themselves a bit of Monica Vinader? :)

Lu x

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Emmy Awards 2013 // Fashion Faves

Julie Bowen in Zac Posen Resort 2014
When this lady walked upto Ryan Seacrest I just thought wow, that is a lot of baby pink and it is FAB! Structurally it is intricate with bold lines and curves, yet it is all off set by the simple, feminine colour, something I love in fashion.

Rose Byrne in Calvin Klein Collection
I didn't actually see Rose on the red carpet but spotted her browsing through photos on eonline. This look is so on trend, and for once someone managed to pull it off - amen! She looks sophisticated, but edgy, and as simple as it is stunning. Less is more, here is the living proof!

Kerry Washington in Marchesa Spring 2014
This must be one of the most talked about dresses, and women, of this years Emmy's. It is such a pretty dress, not the best describing word but for me it sums it up just right. The embroidery, beading, and embellishments on this dress are to die! It is a siluette that's been done so many times before, yet a whole new life has been injected into it. Making it fresh and clean, ah it is just SO PRETTY!!!

Zosia Mamet in Honor Resort 2014
I'm not gonna lie, I have no idea who this girl is...but what I do know is that the print of this dress is amazing. It is so different from everything else on the carpet in terms of colour and style. Even though the silhuette isn't all that different, the print and colour combination of it are unique and edgy, and stand out. I'm sure this isn't to everyone's taste and she probably isn't going to end up on the 'Best Dressed List', but hey, good on Zosia for doing something a bit different and taking a chance - u go guuurl!

I love watching red carpet events and having a little dream about getting to wear a lil' Valentino number, maybe some Christian Louboutin's, bit of Dior, hint of Chanel...

Lu x

Monday, 23 September 2013

Cheeky Treats // Spring Edit

Cheeky Treats

asos sunglasses / Topshop slouchy shirt / Shorts, $120 / Play Comme des Garçons sneaker / Monica Vinader neon pink bracelet / ASOS sunglasses / Eyeshadow / Maybelline lipstick / Maybelline beauty product / TIGI styling product, $22

Topshop Quilted Jumper: This actually came in the mail today (along with a pastel blue sheer panel tee), and it was all very exciting! I had actually ordered this a month back but when it came to packaging my order Topshop had sold out, so when I saw it back on the website I snapped it up so quick it was all a blur. The colour of this jumper is AMAZING, it is a pastel peachy orange, but quite vibrant. The material is super soft and feels like good quality reflecting the mid-range price tag. It is slightly shorter than I had imagined, but it's super cute and it will go with almost everything in my wardrobe. This is why I am a slave to Topshop.

American Apparel Sunflower Dungarees: Firstly, could we take a moment to appreciate how cute these are?! I am totally obsessed with dungarees at the moment. Not sure how it happened but all I know is a spend a good part of everyday trolling through online stores seeking them out (how exciting my days must seem...). When I spotted these, I just knew it was meant to be, I had visions of summer days out in these bad boys, and with about four clicks on the computer our future together was sealed. 

Converse Comme des Garcons PLAY: These were a bit of a fangirl purchase as I had seen Danielle Bernstein from WeWoreWhat wear these on her blog and I just though they were so cool. They are still simple and effortless like all converse, but I like that they are a slight variation of the classic. Anyway, as I was contemplating getting white low cuts ones anyway, I figured why not be a bit of a copy cat and get some that will make me feel a lil' bit special. The only downside is that I have had them on pre-order for about a month now, and I'm impatient, the suspense continues.

Estee Lauder Pure Color Duo in 'Raisins': This I have had my eye on for MONTHS. I had swatched it at the Estee Lauder counter dozens of times. I had come so close to buying it a few times, but it NZ it carries a rather hefty price tag of $70. I don't have a problem paying for high-end products, but in comparison to countries in Europe and the UK, this one was way over priced. Alas, it had come into stick on Strawberry Net for a little bit less so I decided to bite the bullet and splurged. 

Monica Vinader Fiji Bracelet: I can't say I'm really one for designer, or expensive jewellery, but this ticked all the boxes. I actually got this in silver with the fluoro pink cord (couldn't find the right picture). Silver, for me, is timeless and something I know I'm not going to grow out of, and matches the other couple pieces I have. I love the simplicity of it, with a pop of colour. It is just soooo pretty!...but very much a splurge.

Maybelline Colour Whisper & Mega Plush Mascara: Recently I fell back in love with my Revlon Lip Butter in 'Strawberry Shortcake', and wanted to try something similar so I picked this up in the shade 'Petal Rebel' which is a brighter, but still sheer pink. The mascara is also something new to try, I am a devoted Maybelline mascara fiend, especially the Falsies, and heard a lot of good reviews of this one going around so am excited to see how it measures up to the Colossal Cat Eye and the Falsies Black Drama.

ASOS Embellished Cat Eye Sunglasses: Who can resist a ASOS sale, eh? These were a total bargain at about $15NZ. I must admit I am not much of a sunglasses person but I love the cat eye trend paired with the cute embellishments. I have been contemplating this style since seeing Kourtney Kardashian sporting them like a total babe, another fangirl buy! ;)

Tigi S-Factor Smoothing Lusterizer: This is a re-purchase, and a firm favourite of mine. I had run out a month or so ago and last week realized how much I missed it. It smells like a total dream and adds the most amazing sparkle and shine to hair, all while actually doing something good for it - snaps for Tigi S-Factor! 

Well... If anyone at all actually read this far I applaud you, but I know that's quite a stretch! haha

Anyone else have a serious "oh, just treat yourself" problem??? 

Lu x 

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

A Bit Of Sparkle...

Monica Vinader

I have developed an absolute obsession with Monica Vinader jewelry in the last couple of weeks, it's so simple, and so damn pretty. The 'Fiji' bracelets, in particular, seem to have taken over my life. Now, I can be one to exaggerate, BUT on this occasion it's all got a bit out of hand and I could not stop myself and I ended up making a wee order from the site.
I must say that I am not really one for 'high end' jewelry. I have a couple  of Karen Walker pieces (both little animals - another obsession) and they are my staple hints of glamour on an everyday basis...oh the exciting life I lead. What I wanna say here is that, it rarely happens to me that I fall in love with a more expensive piece of jewelry, so when it happens I know I'll love it and wear it forever. I think that's why I love these pieces so much, they are so simple and timeless yet unique and pretty.
I am so damn excited for my Monica Vinader package to arrive...literally cannot wait! Eeekk

Anyone else have an unhealthy obsession with Fiji bracelets??? :D

Lu x

Outfit / Black On Black On White

This ASOS dresss has been a favorite in my winter wardrobe this past chilly season. Soft, comfortable and effortless. I'm determined to pull it through spring with me, and something tells me it's not going to be a problem with the cute flower print. 

Spring come at me!

Lu x

Monday, 2 September 2013

Bastille Obsessed...

I know I am rather late to hop on the Bastille band wagon, but alas, I am now on it and loving life! Their CD Bad Blood has literally been on repeat for the last two weeks and I am still not sick of it. It's such nice, easy to listen to music, but with a unique and interesting sound. The whole vibe and sound is kind of dark and mysterious, but also lively...yes, that made little sense, thankgod I am not a music critic.... The lyrics are also amazing, I must say I am a sucker for songs that are actually written by the singers themselves and are actuallY GOOD, (I don't know why...haha) and this sure ticks that box! My favorites are 'Things We Lost In The Fire', 'Daniel In The Den', 'Flaws' and 'Bad Blood', but I gotta say I pretty much like all of them!
Bastille is DEF going to be a Spring/Summer '13 favorite!

Anyone else fangirling over Bastille? :D

Lu x