Sunday, 9 February 2014

25 Questions Tag: Get To Know Me...

I recently realized that although I post lots of things I like and have bought, I have not yet really posted anything that is specifically about me, or centered around myself personally, if that kind of makes sense! So I though I would do the 25 Questions Tag and inject a bit of me into my tiny internet space, in addition to all the shopping, beauty and cuteness obsessed usual posts ;)

What is your middle name?:
I don't have one

What was your favourite subject at school?:
Art and English

What is your favourite drink?:
Tea! I love tea, with lots of sugar... my morning just isn't right without it.

What is your favourite food?:
Pasta and little French-style cakes and macarons (oohh how fancy)

What is the last thing you bought?:
A collared shift dress from ASOS, hence the answer to the first question! Haha 

Favourite book of all time?:
Honetsly, I am such a reader that this is probably the hardest question out of all of these, I really liked the Stieg Larsson 'Girl With The Dragon Tattoo' trilogy, but I am generally a sucker for crime fiction (maybe slightly surprising...even morbid? Haha) especially Norwegian and Swedish, but of course translated into English! :D
Favourite colour?:
Light blue

Do you have any pets?:
Yes, personally a cat who I love to death. But as a family we also have another cat and a dog.

Favoutite perfume?:
YSL Parisienne - it's how I imagine Paris would smell like if it were a scent... is that weird? Haha

Favoutite holiday?:
I was really little but when I still lived in Slovakia we used to drive to Croatia and spend a week at the beach in a really cute old town. I was little but still remember that it was freaking beautiful there! (plus there's the photos ;) )

Are you married?:

Have you ever been out of the country, if so how many times?:
Yes, originally I am from Slovakia but now live in New Zealand, so I think around 5ish times if I count from out of both those countries.

Do you speak any other language?:

How many siblings do you have?:
One younger brother.

What is your favourite shop?:
ASOS... does that count? haha otherwise Topshop

Favourite restaurant?:
I don't really have a specific one, but I love Italian restaurants and also sushi restaurants 
(and of course patisseries ;) )
When was the last time you cried?:
Honestly can't remember, but that's a good thing right! 

Favourite blog?:

Favourite movie?:
Breakfast At Tiffanys

Favourite TV show?:
Gossip Girl, Miranda and Absolutely Fabulous - literally can't choose just one out of those.

PC or Mac?:

How tall are you?:
I never seem to know this... but average height? What a terrible person I am to not know my own heigh, shame on me! Haha

Can you cook?:

Hope that has brought a bit more of 'me' to my wee blog. And I am keen to do more of these so if there is anyone at all out there that has a request or an idea for a different post please let me know lovelies!

Lu x


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