Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Today in the Mail: ASOS

ASOS Swing Dress in Mono Daisy Print // ASOS: Glamorous Short Sleeve Shift Dress With Contrast Collar

I love me some cheeky ASOS treats, and once again they have not disappointed! I don't know what has got into me in the last few months but I have really been gravitating to dresses A LOT, especially cute wee shift dresses. The flower print one I have had my keen little eye on since before Christmas, so once I spotted it in the sale it was straight into my ASOS cart with it. I have a few other ASOS shift dresses in this style, in different patterns, and find them super flattering and comfortable to wear, and the viscose material is really nice and soft. Naturally two of almost the same thing is never enough for a girl so I treated my self to a third - YAY me! (anyone else do this? I never have in the past... hahah) The collared shift dress was a bit of a spur of the moment treat (I guess I thought better get something 'different' considering the obsession with the other dresses...?) I had seen a few outfit posts from other bloggers in which they were wearing dresses in this 'school girl'/60's style, and I especially liked them when paired with jumpers with the wee collar poking out all cute, and stuffs. I think it's a really nice simple, yet still interesting dress great for both summer and winter. The only thing I will say is that the collar it really thick in material so the edges do stick up a bit awkwardly, BUT I think with a little needle and white thread in each corner should soft that out rather easily. 
Also, sorry about the not very ideal background, I am now kicking myself for painting my wardrobe doors such a bright orange about 5 years ago... now all I want are light pastel walls, first world problems, eh? Haha

YAY for ASOS treats!

Lu x


  1. Love the collared dress x